Revamply Review

Revamply Review – is it A Scam?


If you need every information about Revamply, I will answer you all in this Revamply review. But first, I want to tell you the reason why I write this review.

Years ago, I spent too much time to find a web page editor which is not only good in the quality but also cheap in the price. I used to try some editing page software tools, but I detested to pay the extra monthly fees.

Some apps limited a lot of the essential features in the lifetime plan, so I was always paying extra from $80 to $120 to use the UPGRADED VERSION, which allows me to use every feature.

Moreover, some others did not work on some popular platforms like Shopify or Clickfunnels and what could be worse than that when I was a lifelong Shopify fan?

Revamply Review

No, I’m not going anywhere, my friend !!

At that time, I was eloquent to say that I could still do everything myself well and even SUPER well without them, but I spoke with too much confidence so had a bit regret, honestly J

You know, I am a perfectionist so any when I see a minor mistake, I have to edit it immediately, and as having just mentioned, I did all by hand. Bless me! Modifying all the elements on my page little by little is harder than doing 300 pushups.

However, I solved all those problems when my friend, Steve, shared a good website editor with me some days ago.

I must admit, it has been working well and supported a lot for my business and more importantly, it meets all of my requirement.

Although this tool has three plans namely Premium Version ($67), Pro Version ($37/month) and Agency Rights ($197), I just need to use the Premium Version to do anything I want.

Oh my God! Why can I forget to tell you its name? I  am one forgetful man, but if you take the slightest notice, you can guess what it calls. Yes. It is Revamply. Below is the overview of this software, you can see.

Revamply Review

The name is Revamply !!

Revamply Review – Overview

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Easy to use10

  • Product Creator: Sam Bakker
  • Product Name: Revamply
  • Price: $67
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: General
  • Refund: 30-day money back guaranteed!
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Verdict: 100% legit!

After looking at the overview above, I want to tell some brief information about Sam Bakker.

Who is Sam Bakker?

Revamply Review

Sam Bakker is a young author but very well-known when he has created a lot of best-selling products, and if you are his fan, you will know “Run A Webinar,” “Audience Drill” or “Social Post Suite.”

Sam and his team, Rohit Shah and Techesthete, worked together to design this tool in 4 months. It seems that their efforts are being repaid with the massive sales.

Yeah, That’s enough of that!

Let’s get to the point!


What is Revamply?

Revamply ReviewIt is a brand new software which allows you to edit all of your existing site. It is easy to use. All you have to do is add your sales page, blog or website on Revamply, open it and customize your web page as you want. Everything in less than 5 minutes.

It is different from other tools in the same category. If you have ever used a tool which requires you use FTP, upload or download files to make the changes to your site, you can throw it away now and buy this software.

If you still wonder how can I said that, please continue reading the next parts of this Revamply review


The Things I Like Best about a Super ”Fast and Furious” Editor


Revamply ReviewFirstly, Revamply can work well with all of my existing websites (sales page, blog, landing page or any other kind of web page).

Secondly, I am a code illiterate, but I still use this tool as a master. This tool is a perfect software for both beginners and experts. With its help, I don’t have to touch everything anymore.

Thirdly, This feature makes me very impressed. When I want to change something on my web page, everything I need to do is drag and drop the colors onto that element.

Moreover, I can modify any element like adding images/buttons/icons or even amending the positions of these easily with dragging and dropping.

Finally, Revamply comes with over  50 different elements to add on to website, and they look excellent and professional!

Besides, It also provides me with tons of huge and growing apps. I can use some of them to integrate third party apps with my web page. It is very convenient and doesn’t need another tool to do this.

Now, you can see how Revamply will edit or even renew your website. Feast your eyes!


How to Use Revamply?


Revamply ReviewStep 1: Log into the cloud-based software, select the website you want to edit (Can be any site) then click “Revamp”.

Step 2: Edit your site as you want.

Use the drag and drop editor to add elements, customize existing ones, even change the entire look and feel of your site.

Step 3: Publish Your Changes In 1 Click. Preview your changes, then post and thing are finished – a completely updated, edited site in minutes.


However, if you want to understand more how it works, you can watch a demo in the video below.

The Reasons Why I Bought It


Revamply ReviewFirstly, My friend introduced Revamply to me and appreciated it because John has been using it as a “right-hand man.”

Secondly, I was too tired of editing everything by hand because it took too much of my time and effort. I needed to be free J Just joking, but it’s true!

Furthermore, Revamply met my requirements when it could work well on Shopify, WordPress, Clickfunnels, Joomla, Leadpages and any website I own.

That is all the reasons make me satisfy with Revamply.

Anything else?

All but whenever I get something new, I will share it with you as soon as possible.




I hope you can read this honest Revamply review because I am bringing to you a great editing website tool that not everyone knows it.

Be a smart buyer because a small decision can make a big different! Let your money put into the right place.

Thank you for reading my Revamply review. Please contact me if you have any question.

Revamply Review

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Revamply Review